I'm starting a new business editing images, and would love to receive some from people so that I can have ACTUAL images for my new sub-contractors to train with, so the offer...

Send me your ripped, faded, torn, coffee stained, photographs and I will repair them and get them back to you. FOR FREE. That's right, not $99 like they will cost in the store, not even 50% off, not even $12.99, but FREE. No catch, no gimmicks. Send it and we'll fix it.
Well, one small catch, we'll use them in marketing etc if they are suitable, but you'll be asked personally first. Gotta watch for that damned fine print!

Leave a comment with an email address and I will email you my postal address or instructions on how to scan them for the best quality results and then you can email them directly to me. All original images will be posted back immediately after scanning.
I'm opening a company with several businesses under its header and life is exciting. I'll fill in this blog post with more information once I have a few moments free this afternoon as a break for writing the content for my new website. This blog will still be open for my private crafting etc, but I see financial independence very soon in my future, and life is so exciting for me. I hope you're coming with me on this journey. It's going to be a lot of fun.
The company is going to be called Emmaly Dreams Ltd (as in, Kayleigh designs while Emmaly dreams), and it will have two main parts to it, Website design and Hosting which will use Emmaly Dreams Ltd as the name for it and also Wedding Photography and Digital Photographic Restoration Artistry which will trade under DPRA.

I've interviewed by email and internet a lot of talented (and some not so talented) people over the last week so that I have the skills available to offer the services that I'd like to. I learned on the Limited Services Volunteer (LSV) Army course that it's not important what YOU know how to do, but whether you can find someone who knows how to do what you want done and to convince them to do it. So that's how I'm tackling the whole business, by outsourcing all of the work and having me as a the center gathering work and delegating it where it will be done best. 

Soon I'll have some positions available, once I have a good cash flow banked. I also plan on paying my web developers, graphic artists and restoration artists on the 30th of the month which will allow my accountant to sort it out in one day, not multiple payments throughout the month *shudder*.

Do you know of someone who's a little technically smarty pants like, or maybe they already edit photos for family? I'm offering a staggeringly good remuneration package with free training and good support. I've had professional training at coaching and "dream building" so I'll be a good boss and I am a fair, honest person and people generally like working with me.
Have your "someone" email me directly - garner.kayleigh@gmail.com with a brief cover letter in the email and attach a CV/Resume and also some examples of their work so I can view them immediately.

For the last year and a half I have spent a lot of time each day dedicated to researching the tiny home movement, and planning how I would live with my little lady... well, plans have changed and in the best way, and as such, this is a goal that I am going to have to sideline. I am considering shelving it for a later date and then using the tiny home as a winter cabin in National Park for skiing, but it's something I can't really plan for right now, and as such I need to dedicate more time to my daughter and the businesses that I am beginning in my life.

If you are interested in having your website hosting and design quoted by me, please contact me directly.

I am also breaking back into photography and digital photographic restoration, so if you have any contracts, eg, weddings, outdoor photos to be taken, I can help you out there!
I'm going to be the lead female vocalist in a techno rock band. I'm so excited about this. I love to sing and act, so it's the perfect combination as well as being a long and secretly held dream of mine.

I am also considering, once I have my businesses up and running that I will work on fashion design. I love to design clothing and to use recycled materials to do so. The clothes will not only be simple, they will be elegantly stylish while being able to worn in the current fashion market and also becoming a wardrobe staple for the discerning woman. They will flatter larger woman and look nice on slimmer woman. But most of all, they'll be comfortable like that pair of jeans that, even though they're worn out through the knees and the cuffs are frayed, you still wear every chance you can get. That's what clothing should be about. Making you feel comfortable, look fantastic and feel amazing.

And I know I can do all of the above. 

Way back when, I used to be a photographer and do digital editing. This isn't one of my photographs, but one that I spent an hour or so editing to bring it to a very thought evoking level.

I'm a self-taught photographer and professionally trained Digital Photographic Restoration Artist (that's a mouthful!) and am (softly) contemplating tackling this profession again as a way to support myself and my daughter as we chart our way through previously untravelled waters. It's a business that I can take wherever I am as long as I have my camera, a computer and some electricity, so it is pretty attractive. 
The image above is an example of the process of my work and how a nice-enough image can be turned into a stunning photograph. 

Below is another, if somewhat extreme, example of what I've done previously.
This is a seemingly nice-enough spray of orchids given to me by my boyfriend at the time, photographed against out disgustingly toothpaste green walls.

And below is the EXACT SAME IMAGE, but edited in photoshop.
No different lighting, no change in background. This is just a copy of the top photo and edited in photoshop. I used the dodge and burn tools which were used in a traditional film photography lab, and highlighted the parts I wanted and darkened the areas I wanted to be darker and moody. The first image was nice, but compared to this feels insipid and lifeless, whereas this version feels so tactile and sensual.
Hamilton Gardens lake at night
The above photograph won me an award at the Hamilton Photographic Society. It was taken around 8pm, and with my eye, I could barely make out the buildings across the lake, but after a long exposure, was delighted to see the light pollution from the city light up the landscape.
Balloons over Waikato
This photograph was taken using my point and shoot camera that had an articulated lcd screen. I put the camera on a tripod, stretched out the legs but kept them together, set the timer for 10 seconds, turn the screen down to point towards the ground and then thrust the whole lot right above my head.
In this image, between myself and the grass in the foreground are approximately 200 people who I managed to shoot over and get a great shot of the balloon in the water.
I also decided to emphasis the touching down in the water by selectively desaturating the majority of the image.

And on that note, one more image and then I think I've done enough to convince myself that I'd be stupid to not get back into doing this. I loved it so much at one point in time, and it would be wonderful to feel that again.
Are you ready yet?
This is a digitally edited self portrait. Yup, that's me there. It's two images put in together, the lighting isn't the best, but it was more about inspiration than perfection. In the photograph of me, I'm facing a fence with my hands on one of the boards.

I keep meaning to take this image out again and give myself some fairy wings. 
A friend of mine is hilarious, she told me, "Never say that you are trying to lose weight, otherwise it might come back to find you. Instead say that you are releasing them." Which in turn makes me think of Free Willy or something equally serious.
My 4.4 km walk/run
So, for the first "run" I just went around our small park and back through the cut through which is about 1 km. But the second run was much longer, I managed to make it 4kms and half of it was uphill, so it was pretty good.
Last night I couldn't sleep very well, so by 5.20am I'd had enough and decided to go for a walk. I had only planned on going for a walk to Takapuna, but once I got there the beach looked really nice and the sun was warm, so I started walking along the water, then over some off the cliff and next thing I know, I'm climbing up stairs and found myself behind Wilson Home, so walked back, and on the way back found that there were ladies at the netball grounds and asked about joining, they said first game at 9.30am, so a quick call to my bestie, and then a race to get to my house before her so that I could grab some food, a drink and quick hello to my little miss and I was off again. I played only half a game, which was plenty after 5 years, and was pleasantly surprised that I still knew what to do and that I kept up with the other ladies.
I haven't been crafting this last week as I have dedicated all of my energies in trying to tame my household into submission. Unfortunately, I'm the kind of person who could care less about doing dishes, picking clothes off the floor etc, but as I have an almost two year old toddler who is copying, learning and patterning off of me, it is excruciatingly important that I change this so that she can learn that being tidy is a normal every day thing not a binge cleaning thing done once a season.

In the mean time, a few past creations to keep you going!
My self-made cupboard door, painted with inspiration and a living everyday promise to myself and my child.

In this house we do: forgiveness, laughter, snowsports, prayer, fun, kindness,
mistakes, silly, sharing, joy, honesty, family & friends, LOUD REALLY WELL
My favourite boat shuttle being used with a waffle warp for my nephews baby blanket
Same warp as above, however I've used a plain weave for most of this and then ran a few treadles of the waffle pattern
I spent some time making stitch markers with a friend while I was away and really enjoyed it. I made four sets and am planning on making quite  few more so that I can sell them at the next Auckland Area spin in.  Stitch markers are a relatively new thing for me, as I've always kind of 'winged' it when it comes to knitting. A friend of mine gifted me a beautiful set of stitch markers a month ago and I've been absolutely besotted with the idea of making some, and so... I did!

I also spent some time knitting mittens for Emmaly.

The shoes thing hasn't gone along to well for the moment. Mainly because I haven't found many stores that would suit the company that I'm representing, also the fact that NZ'ers are quite conservative. I found one store that could be possible, except that they already have a recycled footwear brand instore. Gah!

I'm going to do a big effort next week on them, and then possibly might have to shelve it for the end of summer as we've really run out of time to get any shoes ordered in for this coming summer.
I had a huge desire to lots of weaving after the stint a few weeks ago, and so warped up some of my much-coveted-handspun yarn and have woven a scarf for myself (or maybe for my friend as she likes it so much more than I do!), a beautiful green, yellow and white scarf in rosepath pattern for Emmaly.

I've warped and dyed some cotton to use in making a belt, which I am in dire need of for my ski pants!